Please note we are currently having performance issues that may mean your session times out or that a submission cannot be submitted. We have implemented a temporary solution which hopefully alleviates the problem. Apologies for the inconvenience. If you have already contacted the Help Desk there is no need to contact them again as the final resolution is with our developers.


Project update to occur on 26 July 2019 


You will see a warning message to update your project at the top of the form if your form was included in the update.

We advise that for any un-submitted or un-locked form(s), complete the signatures and submit the form WITHOUT updating the project to avoid losing data and re-signing the form.

This will mean any NEW questions added to the form or new rules will not apply to that version of the form. Please remember to update the project AFTER you have submitted.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO UPDATE, always print and save a copy of any un-submitted or un-locked form(s) before updating. WARNING! Answers in the form may disappear as the question or dependency may have changed.

VIC - NEW Site Governance Amendment Request: use this sub-form of the SSA to notify the Victorian site Research Governance Officer about an amendment.

Mater - Minor amendments to the Mater Authorised Prescriber Form. Additional sub-forms of the Mater Authorised Prescriber Form include: Authorised Prescriber Amendment and Report forms.

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